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Single Lesson

Single lesson - one 30-minute lesson is $60

Single lesson - one 45-minute lesson is $90

Single lesson - one 60-minute lesson is $120

Single lessons may be applied to savings on lesson packages. For example, a student tries one 30-minute lesson for $60 with the teacher. The student decides he or she likes the music lesson and then opts for one of the lesson packages. The $60 the student paid for the single lesson is applied for the special package of lessons.

You may take Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, and / or Voice Lessons:

  1. -In Your Place Online - See Online Special

- In Your Home Online - See Online Special

  1. -In the Coronado Music Studio

Online Special - Free USB Microphone, Webcam, Five Foot Stand, Headphones

You catch a quality FREE USB microphone and other items. This is what makes lessons via webcam crystal clear and perfect for both myself and the student. Some of my students find joy in applying it for making recordings or podcasts, and so on. All in all, this is one sweet bargain. You get a professional quality FREE USB microphone along with one of the best instructors out there. For several years, I have been teaching lessons via webcam in places like New York, Virginia Beach, Carmel Valley, Eastlake, and college campuses. I use multiple camera angles, along with great audio coming from the USB microphone and it feels like the student is sitting two feet from me. Students may take voice lessons on any device including tablet, iPad, cell phone, notebook, desktop, or laptop. Online Gift 

Just below, see the regular prices (Reserve lessons) for lessons followed by the discounted prices which compensate for your items included with online lessons!

Teacher’s Requirements For Student:

1. The student informs me about their goals and the daily time frame in developing their talent.

2. The student needs a three-ring notebook for the lessons.

  1. 3.The student reserves lessons by payment in check, QuickPay, or PayPal. Payment through MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express are available in Paypal.

Payment is made out to: Steven Bruce

Contact Mr. Steven Bruce

Phone 619.437.1553 (no text please)

Email PianoGuitarVocal@gmail.com

About Steven Bruce

Levels Taught  Beginner - Intermediate - Professional

Teaching Since 1984

Ages Taught 7 and up

Average Response Time 4 hours


Steven Bruce, Instructor


For over 25 years, Steven Bruce is one of the best teachers on piano, guitar, and voice. He has over 60,000 hours experience as a teacher, musician, and performer. He teaches all skill levels. Beginners are welcome. The lessons are in the convenience of your home online throughout the United States or in the Coronado Music Studio. Whatever your level, be prepared to learn and have fun!

In addition, he tailors the lessons to fit your goals and desires for your instrument, whether it be piano, guitar, and or voice! (Many of his students take lessons on two instruments, for example Guitar & Voice or Piano & Voice.) You may be wanting to learn your instrument from the beginning, and then finding out your passion for a certain genre of music, or possibly learning and playing songs you love. In another example, you may have been playing for a period of time and possibly you desire to heighten your game, learning new skills and technique regarding your instrument. Or quite possibly, you want to blend the joy of singing while playing the piano or the guitar! It's time to go through the joy and benefits in playing a musical instrument and or singing!


Steven Bruce has extensive experience in performance. For many years, he performed piano and sang at many fine establishments throughout San Diego and Los Angeles. Later on, he produced a concert tour and performed 50 concerts to 15,000 young people throughout San Diego. The title of his concert tour is Heroes In Our World. Steven Bruce played keyboards, guitar and sang. The concerts honored real-life moms, dads, doctors, nurses, teachers, athletes, entertainers who give back to charity, police officers, firemen, and explorers who make our world a better place. His list of performances continues. He has a record of being the only musician to write a song, produce it, playing the instruments and vocals, along with filming and editing the videos of the performances each week for 52 consecutive weeks. His students benefit because he teaches many aspects in performance and can prepare students for any kind of audition or performance.

In conclusion, whether you want to learn to play an instrument and/or sing just for your own benefit and joy... Or you want to perform... Or you want to be professional earning money with music - you have come to the correct place.


Piano  Steven Bruce is an exceptional piano teacher. He knows how to motivate and encourage a student, and is very accommodating with regard to a student's particular interests.

One of his most outstanding teaching features is that he has an entirely unique approach to ear training (playing by ear). He creates customized playing-by-ear, step-by-step, walk-through recordings--which he professionally produces in his home studio.

These recordings break down a piece in such a way which allows a student to learn how to recognize intervals, chords, chord inversions, melodic lines, and more.

I cannot emphasize enough the (often under-appreciated) value of such ear training for students at all levels. - Dominique

Guitar Online  It was a great lesson. Steven is an excellent teacher. He is very patient and he is so caring. I really enjoyed meeting him over Skype. I was nervous about online lessons at first, but the lessons online are wonderful!! - Jackie in Chicago, Illinois

Voice Online  Mr. Bruce does a fantastic job! He goes out of his way when needed to ensure a quality lesson. He gives the option to have lessons at his in-home studio or receive them online. That has made it very convenient to keep up the voice lessons as my daughter's school schedule changes. His prices and policies are reasonable too. I've recommended him to several friends already. - Mylora in Imperial Beach, California

Piano Online  Had a great lesson with Steven. Looking forward to my next one! I take the piano lessons on my tablet, very convenient. - DeAnn in Corpus Christi, Texas

Guitar Online  Steven is awesome! He's very patient, encouraging, thorough and most of all he makes it fun. After only 4.5 months of once-weekly he has me jamming to several of my favorite songs! Thanks, Steven! - Chad in Blanchard, Oklahoma

Voice Online  Explains everything thoroughly, and always keep things fun. The lessons online are great on my cell phone or iPod. - Joseph

Piano Online  Working with Steven is a great experience. Even though I have played for years, I cannot read a note. He is able to work with my "ear" that hears the music. I am hearing things that I haven't ever heard before, especially in my left hand. I truly enjoy every online lesson and learn something every time. - Tedi Jo in Broadus, Montana

Guitar  Steve is very attuned to how to get the student started and playing guitar well. He designs each lesson to rapidly promote foundational skills for more advanced playing. He has helped improve my self-confidence whereas past instruction with other teachers had left me feeling discouraged. - Heather

Voice  His resume and experience speaks for itself. Steven is well informed. I had an audition to prepare for in just 3 weeks and I've never felt confident that I would ace it and leave the judges in spades. I learned the importance of vowels, diphthongs, having a steady and heavy tongue that's out of the way for proper air flow and so much more. You want to be good, put your money where your mouth is. This is the guy for you. - Rafael, US Navy

Piano  Steven is an amazing instructor. He is patient, kind, helpful and very knowledgable regarding his craft. We greatly appreciated his expertise and positive attitude! I would highly recommend Steven for lessons! - Brooke in Coronado, California

Guitar / Voice Online  Steven Bruce is a wonderful teacher!  He is talented, always enthusiastic, and extremely motivational! Each lesson is designed specifically for our daughter Kelsey's ability and desired genre of music! Kelsey began guitar and vocal lessons in the Coronado studio and is now taking lessons via Skype since our move to Virginia.  The lessons are convenient, affordable, and productive. We are excited to be able to still have Mr. Bruce as her guitar and vocal teacher! - Amy in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Voice Online  Steven is wonderful... has taught my daughter Kirby more in 5 classes then she learned in 2 years with another instructor. - Angie in Cincinnati, Ohio

Piano  I just wanted to say Thank You and let you know how much I appreciate all the information and help you have given Mikey. You helped him form a great hobby that he loves to do and the family loves to hear. He has come so far since his first lesson and I am happy you kept the Piano lessons interesting for him. Mr. Bruce, thanks again for being a kind, great teacher to him. - Cheryl

Guitar Online  Great experience! I started with a couple lessons in the studio and now all the lessons are on my laptop in my home. Mr. Bruce supplied me with a great USB microphone and now his guitar lessons are awesome on my laptop! - Chase in South San Diego

Piano Steven Bruce’s fun and patient teaching style rocks. I see how his bright, fun-loving personality, and knowledge of music for piano makes him top choice as my daughter’s music instructor. - Anthony in San Diego 

Voice / Guitar  My son has taken guitar and voice lessons with Steven Bruce for the last year.  We are pleased with classes and the improvement we've seen in comparison to a previous instructor.  Steven is punctual and extremely respectful of the time and money it takes to provide lessons.  He can be counted on to be both friendly and professional.  He comes prepared for lessons and expects the same of his students.  If you are serious about learning and improving your skills, we highly recommend him. - Christina

Piano  I have known Steven Bruce for many years. When my girlfriend Gloria said to me "I'd like to take piano lessons," our choice for teacher was easy. From the very start, Steve showed patience, skill, understanding, knowledge and a warm sense of humor. To feel confident in his guidance, consistency and care is very comforting. His empathy in moving Gloria along the early stages was truly appreciated. I knew this would be the case, because our teacher is passionate, creative, unique and also happens to be one of the kindest individuals I've ever known. Please consider Steven, if you happen to be looking for an incredibly complete music teacher. - Robert in Lemon Grove

Voice / Piano Online  I took voice and piano lessons in Mr. Bruce’s Coronado studio and also online via Skype. Both experiences were great, and it was really convenient to do the lessons on Skype. Mr. Bruce is an excellent teacher, and he is very patient. I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to play an instrument or sing! - Caitlin in Eastlake, California

Piano Online  My son Aikie said he loves the class! He takes online piano lessons with Mr. Bruce on his tablet. - Justina in Lathop, California

Guitar / Voice  Fantastic, passionate musician and teacher. Vast experience with guitar, voice, and piano. Provides tailored lessons to your experience and skill level. You will see incredible progress and improvement if you follow his instruction and guidance. He is very friendly and kind and wants to see you succeed! - Stephanie

Voice I take Piano and Vocal lessons from Steven for almost two years now, and have no complaints about him. He pushes me to do better with my work and helps me understand things that I couldn't with past teachers. On piano, he helps with my learning by ear, as well as reading music. On my vocals, he helps me perfect my singing with exercises and keeping an inner glow to my face that most successful singers have. I extremely recommend trying him out! - Briley

Piano / Guitar / Voice  Steven has incredible talent in all areas of music but the thing I enjoy most is that he is able to inspire as he teaches. My 14 year old son has been taking some piano, mostly guitar and now voice with him for about 2 years. The growth we have witnessed is outstanding. Steven is bringing out the very best in our son - helping him grow in both musical knowledge and self -confidence. Thank you!  - The Evans Family

Piano  Mr. Steven Bruce is a dedicated and professional instructor. He not only appreciates his students, but is committed to see them progress as musicians. He let's them know that they can go as far as they want with their music; they just need to do this one thing: do your homework-->practice, practice, practice, he will work on the rest. Both my daughters have been taking lessons with Steven for over 4 yrs and have the confidence to play in front of a group, they are only 8 & 9 yrs old. If you are looking to find a teacher who is committed to you, then Steven is the right instructor. - Lucy in Imperial Beach

Guitar  Steven Bruce, a patient, gifted teacher has supervised my studies on guitar with good humor, wit and flexibility. I would recommend him without hesitation to rookie players young and old. - Tim in Coronado, California

Piano  My time in being instructed by Mr. Bruce on piano was a great, informative experience. Ever since the first lesson, he is a very good teacher that clearly knows what he is doing. Mr. Bruce taught me at my own pace, taking time to help me work on skills, especially small details that help me perform much better. He is a very skilled instructor, teaching me pieces from not only music books that he provides, but also the valuable skill of learning by ear, a skill few other teachers bother to touch on. Mr. Bruce has helped on a number of occasions with songs that I am learning on my own and fit time into our lessons to work on them. He is always willing to let the student work on what they like as well as what he gives out. When I once mentioned my liking for jazz, we soon started an in-depth series of lessons into the genre, teaching me much more than I ever knew prior to it. I’ve never felt pressured by my assignments and pieces to bring home, as Mr. Bruce knows everyone goes at their own pace and can take anytime from a few days to a few weeks to learn a song. My time with him was a very fun and informative time that I thoroughly enjoyed. - Michael


Levels Taught  Beginner - Intermediate - Professional

Location  In Coronado Studio / In Your Place Online / In Your Home Online See Online Gift


For over 25 years, Steven Bruce has been successfully teaching hundreds of students on piano, guitar, and voice. He has over 60,000 hours experience as a teacher, musician, and performer. He teaches all styles, ages and skill levels. Beginners are most certainly welcome. He teaches at professional levels for piano and voice. The lessons are in the convenience of your home online throughout the United States with Multi-angle cameras for online students or in the Coronado Music Studio. Whatever your level, be prepared to learn and have fun!


  The Casual Beginner

For beginners who just want to try it out.

5 Lessons

30-min / $35 each

45-min / $50 each

60-min / $60 each


   The Serious Student

For those who want to take their skills to the next level.

10 Lessons

30-min / $35 each

45-min / $45 each

60-min / $55 each



       The Future Star

For ambitious students striving for expertise.

20 Lessons

30-min / $30 each

45-min / $40 each

60-min / $50 each