The piano is the king of instruments. Steven Bruce is one of the best instructors out there. He teaches in students’ homes across the United States as easily as in the Coronado Music Studio. For 30 years, he has successfully taught hundreds of students. Provide teaching at all levels. Most ages. Complete beginners are welcome. He combines methods of reading music, playing by ear, and improvisation... And this work wonders for his piano students. They play with confidence, feeling, and great interpretation! Students may learn classical, jazz, pop, blues, as well as other genres. Mr. Bruce may be the only teacher out there who uses his recording studio in producing recordings to assist his piano students in the learning process. Prepare to learn and have a lot of fun!

You may take piano lessons:

  1. -In Your Place Online - See Online Special

- In Your Home Online - See Online Special

  1. -In the Coronado Music Studio

Online Special - Free Webcam, Five Foot Stand, Headphones

You catch free quality items. This is what makes online piano lessons crystal clear and perfect for both myself and the student. You get a quality five foot stand or a quality webcam. All in all, this is one sweet bargain. You get the quality items along with one of the best instructors out there. For several years, I have been teaching piano online in places like New York, Virginia Beach, Carmel Valley, Eastlake, and college campuses. I use multiple camera angles, along with great audio coming from a USB microphone and it feels like the student is sitting two feet from me. Students may take piano lessons on any device including tablet, iPad, cell phone, notebook, desktop, or laptop. Online Gift

Teacher’s Requirements For Student:

1. The student informs me about their goals and the daily time frame in developing their talent.

2. The student needs a three-ring notebook for the lessons.

  1. 3.The student reserves lessons by payment in check, QuickPay, or PayPal. Payment through MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express are available in Paypal.

Payment is made out to: Steven Bruce


Just below, see the regular prices for piano lessons (Reserve lessons) followed by the discounted prices which compensate for your free items included with online piano lessons!




    The Future Star

For ambitious students striving for expertise.

20 Lessons

30-min / $30 each

45-min / $40 each

60-min / $50 each



The Serious Student

For those who want to take their skills to the next level.

10 Lessons

30-min / $35 each

45-min / $45 each

60-min / $55 each


Contact Piano Teacher Steven Bruce

Call 619.437.1553 (no text please)

Email PianoGuitarVocal@gmail.com


The Casual Beginner

For beginners who just want to try it out.

5 Lessons

30-min / $35 each

45-min / $50 each

60-min / $60 each